• Welcome to Cozy House Cleaning Services!

    Your day just got a
    whole lot better.

  • Welcome to Cozy House Cleaning Services!

    Your day just got a
    whole lot better.

  • Welcome to Cozy House Cleaning Services!

    Your day just got a
    whole lot better.

Let Cozy House Cleaning Services do all of the dirty work for you!

Focus on everything else you need to get done and schedule a cleaning with us today.

Cozy House Cleaning Services!

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We leave your home clean and tidy.

We clean houses and apartments, we leave everything clean, organized and impeccable, for those of you who don’t have time to do that.

We leave a clean and organized space for people who don't have time for that.

Benefits of our cleaning service:

You, who don’t have time to tidy up and organize your house or apartment, we do it for you. This way you guys can do more important things in your day.
we do a high quality cleaning in your house or apartment, we clean everything that is dirty or something needs cleaning!
we do everything for you, with that you don’t need to get your hands dirty. Keep clean!

Services we offer

standard cleaning

Standard cleaning is a type of cleaning that is usually performed weekly or biweekly. It consists of all the typical cleaning tasks you would perform in your own home. Standard cleaning is generally less detailed and time-consuming than deep cleaning. The purpose of regular cleaning or “standard” cleaning is frequent house maintenance.

services included in standard cleaning

All the rooms

Clean surface areas, baseboards, door/window locks, lights and lampshades. Clean cabinet doors and fronts. Clean mirrors and wooden furniture. Clean and disinfect hard floors. Vacuum rugs and carpets. Clean the sliding/storm doors from the inside. Remove trash and replace liners (supplied).


Clean and shine off all appliances. Clean inside and outside the microwave. Clean window over sink (unobstructed by screen). Clean the stoves. Scrub and wash all grills, handles and burners. Clean and disinfect countertops (move and wipe under all items) Scrub and grease sink, drain and faucet, clean soap dispensers, clean soap dishes. Hand clean all kitchen cabinet fronts. take out the trash


Scrub and sanitize showers, tubs, sinks and counters. Clean and shine glass shower doors, clean shower rails. Faucet and drain detailing with a toothbrush. Polish mirrors and faucets. Clean all cabinet fronts. Scrub and disinfect the toilet (remove the toilet lid to clean between the latches, if applicable). Replace trash liners (supplied). Scrub/wipe the floor by hand with disinfectant. Nicely folded towels.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is a type of cleaning performed less frequently than standard cleaning and is more thorough. It usually involves tasks like cleaning baseboards, cleaning closets, cleaning ceiling fans and other light fixtures, cleaning appliances, and other areas that standard cleaning might overlook. And the customer can also add places in the house and things that must be done within the deep cleaning.

services included in Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning

Door/window frames and baseboards. Sills and window screens (subject to weather). Closet fronts. Bathrooms, sinks, faucets. Bathtubs, showers and shower trays. Internal trash cans. Oven and fridge, inside and out, extractor hood, countertops. Storage area under sink, sofas and chairs. Under the sofa cushions and between the armrests. Floor under sofa. Under and behind furniture (if possible) frames and decor. Vent covers (if applicable) Blinds and blades of ceiling fans cobwebs

Move in/out cleaning

Moving is scary enough without having to worry about all the cleaning required. So whether you’re coming or going, our team is always here to get the job done right.

services included in move in/out cleaning

Move in/out cleaning

Ceiling fans, internal windows. Sinks, faucets, showers, bathtubs and toilets. All closets, inside and out. All closets. Door/window frames. Skirting boards, countertops, extractor hood. Oven, fridge and microwave, inside and out. Hard floors, carpets and rugs.frames and decor. Vent covers (if applicable) Blinds and blades of ceiling fans cobwebs

office cleaning

office cleaning is a cleaning we do in offices and agencies, we clean everything in the conference room, bathrooms and kitchen!

services included in office cleaning

Common areas

Clean common tables and chairs Organize loose items and clear clutter Desks/Private Offices: Dust tables, monitors and chair backs Clean desk and phones with disinfectant spray and microfiber cloth

Conference rooms:

Clean the table with cleaning solution and damp cloth Dust chair backs and other surfaces Clean dry erase boards


Clean sinks, counters, paper towel racks and hand dryers with disinfectant spray and a microfiber cloth. Clean toilets and urinals. Scrub floors. Replenish toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and other supplies. Floors. Sweep up debris and dust/wet mop general office. Vacuum floors and carpets. All over the office. Pick up dirty dishes and trash from tables and common areas. Empty bins and bins and replace liners.

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A little about Cozy House Cleaning Services

In 2019, my husband and I started working with cleaning, we got the necessary experience by working hard and seeing the satisfaction of our customers, our family business grew and still is, today we are 4 people working to serve in the best way and with the best possible quality to make you and your family comfortable in your own safe, clean and healthy space.

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